Get wrapped up in the incredible true story of how Virginia Prodan came face to face with her assassin and changed his life forever before he ended her life for good.

There has never been a more important or relevant story for this generation and this time.

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ABout virginia

Virginia Prodan is an international human rights attorney, a sought-after international keynote speaker, a victory coach, and author of the best-selling book, Saving My Assassin.

She frequently shares her story for large events. She has spoken to over 75,000 people and has been featured on 310 media outlets. She was exiled from Romania in 1988 for taking Dictator Nicolae Ceausescu to court for infringing upon basic human rights.  For that, she came within seconds of being executed under the orders of Ceausescu who hired an assassin to murder her.

Virginia was able to use God’s power to turn her own assassin into a brother in Christ.  Virginia’s compelling story of courage in the face of intimidation and even death is a testament to her unwavering faith in a God who delivers. According to the government’s orders, she was declared an “enemy” and should be dead.  But God had other plans. Plans for her to equip and train many including business leaders to overcome adversity, and create a courageous, purpose-filled, and abundant life.    


"Very engaging and enjoyable speaker."

Very engaging and enjoyable speaker. Prodan’s life, training, and memoir are teaching wonderful lessons about passion, freedom and courage, and the great moral principles to which people all need to aspire to build their life, business, or families
– Frank Wright, National Religious Broadcasters

"inspiring, encouraging, gripping and TRUE."

Virginia is a brilliant woman. Her speech is inspiring, encouraging, gripping and TRUE.  She motivates your soul and provokes your mind.  Her strength and determination are inspiring, motivating others to follow their dreams too.
– Abigail Robertson, CBN News 

"I interviewed Virginia Prodan and was blown away by her testimony."

I interviewed Virginia Prodan and was blown away by her testimony.  She’s a skillful writer and speaker.  Get to know Virginia. You will learn during coaching from her strength and passion how to stand up to your giants and accomplish your mission in life.
–  Priscila Shirrer, Going Beyond Ministries

"Saving My Assassin is a stirring account of valor."

Prodan’s heartbreaking, inspiring life journey from Communist Romania to the birthplace of freedom will move readers of every background…Through persecution, conversion, exile, and triumph, Prodan reminds us: there is always hope.
– Jim DeMint Former U.S. Senator

“You are bold as a lion, you just don't know it, yet."

– Virginia Prodan, Saving My Assassin


I hope the lessons from my life story translate to your life, no matter your background or country of origin. My desire is that through reading my book and seeing how God used me to accomplish amazing things, you will realize that God has a grand plan to use you as well, and I pray you will not put off doing what God is calling you to do.