Hillary’s “Free benefits” –  the Trojan Horse of Socialism !

From – A Survivor and A Fighter Against Socialism

I experienced the so called “paradise” , “equality”, “fair share”, “free benefits” of the Socialism system.

All are LIES!       NOTHING is good or free about Socialism !

The notion of “Free benefits”  is the Trojan Horse of Socialism !

I know what is coming!     History repeats itself.

As a kid, I watched in terror the leaders of the Socialism system conquering my fearful parents and relatives. Silencing them to submission, jailing or killing them, as later on they decided to fight against it.

I watched my beautiful free capitalist country of Romania transformed into a “land of lies” and a “prison land” of Socialism.

My parents and relatives chose silence and fear, not courage and fight!

For that – I was forced to grow up, to live and to fight as an adult for truth and freedom in that cruel Socialism society!

I judged my parents often for not fighting against Socialism when they had the opportunity to do so.

History repeats itself.         We cannot do that to our children !

If we don’t fight for Freedom and win on this election, our Children will be Forced to Live under the Hell of Socialism.

From my prospective as a survivor of the cruelest Socialism and Communism system-
                                     America’s 2016 Election is our Rendez- vous with destiny!


I am with the Party of Free Market – Capitalism
Against the Party of “Free Benefits” – Socialism

Make no mistake, this 2016 election is not as complicated as you might think.

After all, we have two real clear choices:

We must decide and vote between:

A Party of Capitalism Or  A Party of Socialism;

A party fighting for America’s Sovereignty Or A Party of Open Boarders – No more America;

A Party saving lives of unborn Or A Party killing lives of unborn
A Party of Freedom from strict government control Or A Party of Total Government Control

A Party of fed up people but ready to Rebuild America Or A Party who “promises” to “fed you”.

Yes, this election is not as complicated as you might think.

Now that both National Conventions ended, we know more and even very important things are becoming crystal clear and without any doubts about Hillary:

Her Presidency :

will bring America’s economy under total government control;

Our current economy will drastically and irreversible suffer;

Our productivity and prosperity will be killed;

We will have even fewer jobs for Americans;

Her Liberal agenda strictly focuses on making all of us “equality” poor; except of course for her and the elite. They will continue to enjoy a lavish lives;

Even before gaining the power, she and the elite act as the law does not apply to them;

America is on the path of destruction with Hillary!

America’s freedom and prosperity was based on free markets, personal responsibility and less government.

Socialist system on the contrary was based on central government planning and government driven “job creation” that had proved not workable all over the world .

With Hillary in power free America will be destroyed and freedom will vanish in America.

Under Hillary government will own all your properties and even the properties of all religions. 

Moreover, Socialism will not only kill freedom in America but also many people in the process. 

Surely, Hillary’s Progressive/Socialism economy will harm America and the American families for generations to come.     The notion of “Free benefits”  is nothing else but Hillary’s Trojan Horse of Socialism in America!

I experienced Socialism. I fought against it. I will stand up against it in America too.
As I mentioned, as a child I watched my parents and my relatives being silenced by or being fearful to confront Socialism in Romania. I watched Socialism conquering them and the country of Romania.

I had to grow up, to live and to fight for freedom in that cruel Socialist society! We cannot do that to our children !

Now, it is my turn and ours to speak up and fight in America against Socialism.

I will stand up to this evil !
Socialism is not for us.         Not for America.        Not for our children.

I am asking you not to support or vote for Hillary who would do indescribable harm to freedom, free market and prosperity in America and for Americans.

Hillary’s presidency surely represents moving rapidly towards the cruel, brutal, “land of lies” and “prison land” of Socialism in America.

Freedom is precious to those who don’t have it.”  Virginia Prodan 

Generations to come in America are counting on your vote on this 2016 election, for Freedom, Free Market and Capitalism!

If you choose not to vote or fight for yourself, fight for your children and your children’s children.

They will be proud of you, your thoughtfulness and your courage.

Don’t make their lives a hell under Socialism!

One by one, and standing side by side;

Vote by Vote, we can make it to the finish line –

November 8, 2016 –

as Winners for the freedom of Capitalism !

All of us must be strong and courageous as we fight for truth and freedom in America.

As I said to myself fighting for freedom under Communist in Romania, I say to all of us today :

You are bold as a lion, you just don’t know it yet.”  Virginia Prodan

Be strong and courageous!

Read more about my life and fight for freedom under Socialism/Communism – my memoir Saving My Assassin – –*Version*=1&*entries*=0