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Virginia Prodan Ministries (VPM)

  A 501 (c)(3) charitable organization

Be a part of  a community of  bold, courageous and faithful Christians in America !

Virginia Prodan Ministries – – defends religious freedom and warns against the growing dangers of Socialism in America – a society without God.

From September 17, 18  to  September 23, 18  –  Virginia Prodan Ministries is asking supporters to give any amount to help meet the needs of the ministry in Dallas and throughout  America.

Donations support our mission to Lead, Inspire, and Equip Christians to live our faith boldly, courageously and faithfully.

We see and feel a world growing more hostile toward Judeo-Christian values and beliefs and long to impact, with others,  the world where God has placed us.

100% of donations will go directly to  Virginia Prodan Ministries  to expand our outreach, encourage and equip Christians to be bold and courageous, through organized training sessions, guest speaker opportunities with an emphasis on American youth,  and to fund ministry service opportunities.

Does your company match its employees’ charitable donations?

Be sure to let them know about Virginia Prodan Ministries‘ Giving Week to double your impact!

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Even a small donation adds up to a big impact for our mission in Dallas, your city or around America.


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