It’s happening now!    Wherever we look around us, in America or all over the world, our values are under stormy attack.

We hear a call to defend religious freedom in America:

We watch the biggest protest in Romania in the last 3 decades:

We are asked to join to protect freedom all over the world, 21st Century Wilberforce Initiative:

Yes – we need to confront those attacks, storms and protect our values.

We surely need courage!

Courage once meant “the heart as the source of emotion.” Today, we consider courage the ability to act in spite of our fears.   I know and understand that it takes tremendous courage to stand and speak before our peers and defend our values: free market, religious freedom, Free America!

But, if we don’t fight to protect them our lives and America will be indeed drastically changed.  Ronald Reagan said: ” If we ever forget that we are One Nation Under God, then we will be a nation gone under.”

Our freedom comes from God and not from our government or big corporations supporting the government. ” you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free. John 8:32

Make no mistake, there is no freedom without God; not even in America!

I can testify to that.

I came to America as a political refugee in November of 1988.  I grew up in Communist Romania, a country ruled at that time by a cruel dictatorship government of Nicolae Ceausescu. He strictly controlled our lives. We were taught that the truth was determined for us by the government and that Ceausescu was our God. Many who rejected or fought against the government’s definition of the truth were jailed or killed. We were required to worship the dictator.

Very few Christians survived the cruel communism persecution. There were few churches but all strictly supervised by the government. To be a Christian was very risky.
Nevertheless, I wanted to know the Truth. The small group of Romanian Christians I encountered there, including American Christians like Congressmen – Frank Wolf and Christofer Smith – and Senators frequently visiting and supporting our fight, Secretary of State and U.S. Ambassadors to Romania; all played an amazing role in my victorious fight, as a human rights attorney, against the government’s religious persecution .
Because of that, I courageously fought, as an attorney – a dissident – according to the Romanian Communist government, and we as Romanians won the war against religious liberty and religious persecution !

But today in America, our free market and our religious liberty are being  constantly under attack.  I urge us all to fight back. Together we can rebuild America’s freedom !    We still believe “In God we trust!”

Because “When we become so tolerant that we lead people into mental fog & spiritual darkness we’re not acting like Christians but cowards.” A.W. Tozer

It is time for all of us to stand up and fight!      

We need strong conservative and God fearing representatives in our government including at the Supreme Court.   Please Be Involved!     Your voice and your actions are important.
Our silence and inactions will make us accomplices and part of those groups still wanting to building a new America – one without God.

It’s happening now!        Time to Act is NOW!          Your Voice is Important !

Just in case you want to know about real life in a society without God, Socialism, please read my memoir – #SavingMyAssassin
You will be glad you did.

I want to hear from you. What is your plan to fight back and protect free market and religious liberty in America?

Thank you in advance for your responses.

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