How You Can Walk From Fear to Glorious Victory!


You had had a great weekend with family and friends.  

Is Monday morning  – you started a new month and a new week!

You have so much to do.   You feel overwhelmed or even under attack !

Do not fear!

Fear is nothing but a dark shadow that envelops us and imprisons us within ourselves.


We all experienced fear of uncertainty,



fear of rejection, fear of misunderstanding, fear of sickness, fear of death or

fear of persecution.


Conquer your fear by  – Trusting Christ!

Trust His guidance – care – and plan for you  –

 if you are under attack or even under persecution.

Victory IS ours in Christ  – when we remain in His hand and faithful to Him!



Believe me I speak from experience!

I had experienced fear daily under a cruel religious persecution from the Communist regime of Dictator Ceausescu in Romania.

By the grace of God – I conquered my fear daily with Christ – as I trusted Him  –  “ the Lord is my light and my salvation” – Psalm 27:1.

I am alive and my persecutors are dead (like Dictator Ceausescu) or some of my persecutors became believers in Christ!

#SavingMyAssassin –


 Today and every day STILL

I conquer my fear

with Christ.

The key is to dispel your darkness of fear by remaining under Christ’s power and wings.

Walk with him and in his power even in the darkness of your daily fear of any kind, including the fear of persecution.

Be encouraged because Christ is faithful !

His love, care and protection will keep you from fear, conquer  your fear, and guide you to glorious victory.



Christ can turn our problems or fear of any kind into glorious victories.

In Him we ARE more than Conquerors!    

“In God I trust and am not afraid.

What can man do to me?”  

–  Psalm 56:11

Soon, surely you will say:


“Your help has make me great.”

– Psalm 18:35 


Walk with Him in Your Glorious Victory.

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Virginia Prodan