America at the Red Sea

Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg started testifying this week before Congress about the social network’s possible data misuses and privacy violations.

His testimony lasted yesterday six minutes short of five hours and covered topics regarding what went wrong, improvements Facebook can make internally, and possible regulations that need to be implemented.   He testified today too.

And to our horror Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg presented as his defense or maybe just wanted to inform us, another tech giant’s misuse.

He focused on Apple CEO Tim Cook and the similarities between the iPhone and Facebook.    According to the photo of Zuckerberg’s notes, iPhone app users and Facebook users are both required to give permission for the entity to access some information.

He noted that there has been a multitude of stories about iPhone apps “misusing Apple data” but that we’ve never seen Apple notify its customers.

You ask yourself: “Is this actually going on in America?   Is America still free ?”

Watching this you feel personally under attack or losing your privacy and your freedom.

You almost sense that America and we – the American people – are cornered or under constant attack and ….

yes !   ……  you wonder if America is in front of the Red Sea !

You wonder if our freedom is gone!

From where does our help come?

Would we finally call on God ?

Or still expect the politicians to help?

Yes – we can encourage everyone to call on their Congressmen and Senators for help;

or to call on President to build a bridge for us to escape to freedom.

Or wait for the US Supreme Court  to make that decision after years of heavy litigations.

If we acknowledge or not – America is standing in front of the Red Sea !

God still wants to lead us to Freedom.

But, would we call on God ?

Would we say? :  ” With OUR God we Can and we Will.

From where does our help come?

 It is time for us and America to return to God ! –  Joel 2:13

With God in all those things we are more than conquerors. –  Romans 8:37

Would you be the one to lead people to God?

You can start leading people to God from your own home, work, city or your state .

Would you encourage others to call on God for America?

With God is always hope no matter our circumstances.

He promised to be with us, protect and give us victory. Isaiah 43:2

Christ is the only way to our freedom!

Do you believe that?

Are you going to act on faith and lead the way God provided for our Freedom?