When God seems asleep

Are you facing a storm in Your life?

The more you try to reach your adult children the more they rebel against you or God?

Your parents are filing for divorce and the more you try to convince them that God can heal their marriage, the more they refuse to listen?

The more you try to build or develop your business the more attacks you encounter because of your Christian faith ?

 The world goes crazy on any level – christian persecution; human trafficking; political  uncertainty in many parts of the world; religious killings and fights around the world; danger of nuclear attacks, etc, etc.!

All those storms bringing uncertainty.

How can you have a victorious life?

There are times in our lives when storms will or possible make even the wise stumble. Daniel 11:35

Like many before, you feel God is still in control but surely seems to be asleep.
You wonder why.

You may even say :

Awake, Lord!                                                                                                                                                    Why do you sleep?
Rouse yourself!                                                                                                                                                 Do not reject us forever.
Why do you hide your face and forget our misery and oppression?”   Psalm 44:23

You are not alone.
David felt this way. As a child might cry to his father, so David cried to God.

The disciples felt this way too.
They surely felt that Christ was asleep during their storm.
They were in such a need of rest. Instead of rest they encountered a big storm.
You look to reunite with your children. Instead you encounter a big storm of rejection.
You asked God to reconcile your parents’ marriage. Instead you find yourself in a storm of uncertainty of their divorce.  You think God is asleep.

The disciples felt the same. They wondered why when they needed help during their storm, Christ, the son of God was asleep.
Nevertheless, in all situations – for David or for the disciples – as in your case, God was and is in control, not asleep, and ready to help.

God wants to build first in us – during the storm –  a stronger faith.  In His loving plan for us  –  God had prepared the help we need in our storm.

When you feel in your storm, surrounded by darkness and uncertainty that God is asleep, resist those emotions.

Instead, follow God’s guidance, His light and His truth – Christ.

His truth – Christ –  is your right path. John 14:6
His light – Christ –  is your clear vision.  Psalm 119:105 ;  Psalm 32:8

Your faith in God will grow and be a testimony of your commitment to Him!

Few storms move fast but many storms last longer.   In this process you might retain scars – emotional or physical scars – battle scars.

Your battle scars – insults; criticism; rejections, or cruel persecution – being jailed, arrested or tortured for Christ – are precious reminders of your loyalty to Him.    Looking back we recognize that each storm made us stronger, served us to know ourselves and God better, and to walk closer to him.

Faithfulness to God brings great reward of peace, perseverance, and joy.    Psalm 28:7 ;   James 1:3 

When we live for Christ glowing like lights we are showing others what Christ is like.

Be a beacon of Christ – of his light and his truth –  affecting the world.

During your storm refuse to underestimate Christ ability to handle your storm.   But patiently see Him in your storm, learn more about Christ, His power and love for you.
Then,  joyfully you will proclaim that Christ is never asleep, always in control, powerfully able to handle any storm in your life. “My hope is in You! Psalm 39:7

As Christians each storm prepares us for the next storm coming.   With faith in Christ  AND holding his hand we move ahead walking on the water in the storm with Him.

We are called to thrive with Christ during each storm of our lives.

With Christ in YOUR storm –
you will experience that:

Nothing IS impossible with Christ!

And by allowing Him to work in you,

Christ will build YOUR :

unshakable Faith;

unsinkable Hope 

unstoppable Love

even for Your enemies.

Stay strong with Christ in Your storm !

Prepare to experience unspeakable joy in Your storm with HIM!

Cannot wait to hear from you as you share with us

– how Christ built your faith stronger in your storm;

– how you hold Christ’s hand during your storm and walked on water

– and more!



Virginia Prodan