Happy Mother’s Day !

To be a mother is the greatest and the noblest job in the world.   It is a life long job and surely the most rewarding job.

As we all learn daily, being a mom means among others – being a nurse, a teacher, a negotiator, a driver, a doctor, a cook, a peacemaker, a spokesperson,  etc, etc.
But, as my kids grew up, I have learned from them more about my job as a mom.    Like, that I was not right all the time.


As teens they added another part to my job as their mom –  to embarrass them.

I remember the wonderful lesson my son taught me when he was eleven years old or so.    I was back stage with him, busy with my camera ready taking his last pictures, fixing his hair and his jacket as he was ready to play a solo on the big stage in few seconds.

Next, he gently touched my hand, looked straight into my eyes and with a sweet voice he said “Mom , can I ask you a favor?”

Yes, I responded joyfully. Thinking maybe he wants me to take more pictures or come even closer to the stage to take those pictures.

Instead he said “Mom, please don’t take any more pictures.   You embarrass me.   And please let others applaud first.   It is so obvious that you are my mother!    Please !”

Surely, I responded. I fixed his hair again and I assured him that I will respect that.

Then, he was called to appear on the stage and I left quickly to take my place in the audience.
And yes, I stood quiet in my seat, didn’t take pictures and waiting for others to applaud first his amazing performance.

It was so hard but I controlled myself.    Gently, I turned around looking at the audience smiling and feeling so proud.

 But inside of me I was screaming very loud :

“Do you know he is my son?   Do you really know he is my son!”                                            And finally I applauded too.


That day I had learned a great lesson from my son.

Immediately, I said to myself:

“I want God to be as happy and proud as I am about my son.
As I represent God to the world I want him to say :   “ Do you know she (Virginia) is my daughter?    Do you really know she is my daughter?”

I hope this Mother’s Day, and every day of our lives, we make God proud.     And yes, our families too.


Our kids can indeed teach us wonderful lessons.    Treasured lessons for years to come and now part of our legacy.

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Virginia Prodan