Be America’s Ray of Hope 


I have great news for YOU.     YOU were created to be a Ray of Hope !  –  Matthew 5:14.                                                                 BUT, the question is : Are You really living as a Ray of Hope?  –  OR  – Are You America’s Ray of Hope ?                                                                                                       

Surrounded by daily disturbing news or constant new adversity, YOU may feel hopeless or helpless.   But, there  is hope – as it is easier to deal with YOUR adversity when YOU believe that God is still in control of  your life .      – Romans 8:31.

Sure, YOUR hardship or your enemies might look like they have the upper hand; but in the end they are the helpless and hopeless ones.    Because – We are more than conquerors in Christ!     God is for us and He gave us all things. Romans 8:32

Please be encouraged.  Decide to be America’s Ray of Hope!         I am encouraging YOU and speaking with YOU from my own experience.   If YOU have read my memoir – Saving My Assassin –    –     YOU know that under cruel religious persecution I had decided to be a Ray of Hope.  And God helped me.

In the end – and by the grace of God – I am victorious, alive; and dictator Ceausescu is dead.

Because as we submit to God under any circumstances, He molds us into heroes.  There is nothing about me.

It is all about God’s power in me, as He uses me daily as His tool.  And for His glory.      God is willing and ready to do the same in YOUR life as you let him use YOU as His tool.

This is the ONLY way –  YOU will be  America’s Ray of Hope.

I know YOU can!    After all – YOU encourage me daily!    I am grateful for YOUR encouragements and your support.   Yes, YOU can!

Trust God and be a Ray of Hope !    

The spiritual hopelessness or darkness… or fear of government, not God… or political correctness is covering America.  The Berlin Wall fell in 1989, but Socialism or Communism didn’t.    Choose God’s Freedom.  Reject  Socialism’s bondage!     Fight agains the Socialism spreading in America today. 

Everyone needs to know the horrors of a society without God – Socialism – and the power of God in each one of US.   Take the time during this Summer break and talk with YOUR high school, college or graduate students back in YOUR home, life or YOUR hometown.  

So many academics in America today are trying to sugarcoat their collectivist policies or whitewash the crimes of Socialism or Communism from history.    They also work hard to brainwash students’ minds teaching them that Socialism or Communism is the solution for America. 

I am speaking and have spoke in many Universities – for example – Georgetown University, the U.S. Air Force Academy, and various Law Schools.         I am so happy and encouraged to report to YOU that many young people attending my speeches are fighting  NOW for freedom as they have learned for the first time about the reality of Socialism or Communism from me or from reading my memoir – Saving My Assassin –    

Or  listened to my memoir  – Saving My Assassin   –  the audiobook version –  

Many students in High School, College and Universities all over America who have read my book or heard me speaking – are creating NOW their own class presentations from my book or writing a play my memoir for  events at High Schools, College or University or their specific groups.                           They surely are America’s Ray of Hope.                                  Please watch as Deborah C. wrote Saving My Assassin into a play for her High School event.    She is America’s Ray of Hope at her Public High School  – as she filmed it on YouTube –  this link: ‭ 

Our young people are listening to the Truth and ready to fight harder for Freedom, too!    It is time for all of us to push back harder and tell the truth about Jesus and his true Freedom.  Be encouraged – Reject the spread of the Socialism ideology in America.    


YOU ARE THE REASON   –   I wrote my memoir!   It humbles me to know that many lives are continually being changed by my memoir; or to know that many votes or political views are immediately transformed as people find out the entire truth about the Socialism and the cruelty of it.   

Remember – the Berlin Wall fell in 1989, but the Socialism or Communism didn’t.

PLEASE – Take the time during this Summer break and talk with YOUR high school, college or graduate students in YOUR life back in YOUR home or YOUR hometown.     Please contact me if you need any help.

Be America’s Ray of Hope!

Freedom is precious.Virginia Prodan

I am passionate about sharing my fight and victories against religious persecution, Socialism and helping YOU do the same with your group or team.     I am honored to help YOU fight and win, and live a courageous, victorious and free life in Christ!

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Virginia Prodan