Your Voice is Very Valuable 


TX Governor Greg Abbott Has Appointed Virginia Prodan to the Texas Holocaust and Genocide Commission



On August 14, 2018  –    Texas Governor Greg Abbott has appointed

Virginia Prodan

 to the Texas Holocaust and Genocide Commission – THGC- – for a term set to expire on February 1, 2021.

Here is the Official Press Release from Texas Governor Greg Abbott :


This is a great opportunity – AND –  I want You to be part of it too.

  Your voice is very valuable.

So, please share with me Your thoughts about what You want me to prioritize, execute, manage, secure, complete, accomplish or achieve in my first year, second and third year of my appointment to the Texas Holocaust and Genocide Commission.   What is important to You and why.

TX Governor Greg Abbott is a great leader and one of my most heart-felt supporters too.

The day before he appointed me to the Texas Holocaust and Genocide Commission, TX Governor Greg Abbott made also this announcement:

@GregAbbott_TX –     You need to meet Virginia Prodan an attorney in Dallas.     Virginia lived in, under and escaped Socialism in Romania; was tortured, under house arrest went through horrific ordeals in Romania.     She is a USA citizen author of her memoirs, “Saving My Assassin” –

I am humbled and honored by TX Governor’s support and by his great appointment and amazing opportunity to serve the Texas Holocaust and Genocide Commission.

I am ready for this appointment.     But  –  Your voice and partnership in this journey with me are very precious.    I would like to hear from You.    If You want to be a volunteer, a supporter, a prayer partner, an intern, a coordinator in a specific city, school, college, university, corporation, etc please let me know.    Please leave a comment here or contact me directly.

Your Voice and Partnership with me are Very Valuable.

I am honored to serve You and to work with You all.


Together, we can serve TX and America even better,


Virginia Prodan