Victory Coach

Virginia Prodan is a – Victory Coach – Speaker – Author – International Human Rights Attorney.

We help people achieve their purpose or mission in life – and – to soar like eagles under any circumstances or storms of life.

Virginia Prodan’s life experience and journey – will inspire and encourage you on your journey. She had walked in your shoes – understands – and won victories. We want you to be victorious too – and Soar like Eagles.

By reading her memoir – Saving My Assassin – you will be motivated start your journey with us – Soar like Eagles – and about the type of coaching we are providing.

A glimpse into her coaching.

Join us each Wednesday and Saturday at 10:00 am for more encouragement and free coaching.
4th of July message from a Proud America – aired also on the Heritage Foundation & the Heritage Action for America social media.
Heritage Action for America #ProudAmerica Campaign included Virginia Prodan’s story!