The world is full of uncertainty and fear, and we must return to The Truth.

We need to remember who we really are – Americans and a Judeo – Christian nation.

Our Time Is Now!

God created us to be: Christ’s fragrance, the light of Christ and his instruments of change in our culture.  Unfortunately America is experiencing a divided and a complacence church.

According to American Bible Society – More than half of Americans think the Bible has too little influence on our culture.  They see America in moral decline, yet only one in five Americans read the Bible on a regular basis, according to this survey.

Moreover, young people seem to be moving away from the Bible.  Only 57 percent of those ages 18-28 read their Bibles less than three times a year, if at all.  Just 26 percent of Americans said they read their Bible on a regular basis – four or more times a week.

It is time for us in America to be in fire and alive for Christ again!  Because a divided nation needs strong Christians and a united church.

Our moment to change America in God’s power is Now!

In his grace, God gave us another chance on November 2016.  It is so hopeful to see America slowly changing from a culture of Death into a culture of Life!

Still there is so much work to be done!

We are still a very divided nation.

It is time for us to turn to God and to his guidance to accomplish our unity;


because God gave us clear directions about the role and/or the relationship between Christians and the government.

God’s established role for our government is to protect us from all domestic and foreign enemies.

Every government that exists has been established by God. Romans 13:1–2 .

Those in authority are considered as “the servants of God” Rom. 13:4 and “God’s agents of justice ”. Romans 13:6 .

The Government is to act on behalf of the good of all people. Romans 13:4

Therefore, those who reject governmental authority reject God’s authority. Romans 13:2 Because even when the government does not perform its role, we are still asked to trust God and live up to our role.

The only exception provided for us is: when the government is asking us to disobey God,  we shall remain obedient to God, support the consequences of our actions, and in faithful confidence wait and see God protecting us.

I had lived under a government who asked us to ignore God. With God’s power,  I victoriously survived persecution. Please more at :

On the other hand, God’s established role for Christians is to know Him,  study his world,  act on his word, and love everyone by point them to Christ as their Savior !

We as Christians are called to turned the other cheek. Matthew 5:39-42.  God never called a government to turn the other cheek but to protect its people.

We must not confuse those very specific and different roles!

Therefore every support should be given to our government to track down our domestic and foreign enemies and those who support them.  We cannot continue to be naive. Islamic terrorism is very real and western countries are its target.  We can and must faithfully fulfill our responsibilities as citizens both to our government and to God.  Philippians  3:20

God even established specific entry conditions for the Kingdom of Heaven – by repentance and accepting His son’s – Jesus Christ – sacrifice on the cross.

Following God’s directions we can protect and preserve America as a Judeo – Christian nation.

Therefore, only by following God’s directions all the political discordance and division that are even among us as Christians will stop.  Moreover, it will help and stop the discordance and division in the country.

God is calling us today to:

Know Him and Remember who we are! – JOHN 8:32

Value our Freedom in Christ and Act on it! – James 1:22

If we ignore God’s call, our next call might be to Die for Our Faith so others among us might be pointed to Christ.

Such suffering – persecution or martyrdom – is to be expected. John 15:18-21.

Do we hear God’s call ?

Our Time Is Now!

We can be the answer to Jesus’ prayer !  JOHN 17: 20-26

Our united actions in God’s power will protect and preserve America !

What an amazing call to all of us!

Are you going to respond?

Please share how.

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