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Help ! America has an Identity Crisis !

Help !   America has an Identity Crisis !        

We forgot who we are.    

America has an Identity Crisis !        We forgot who we are.     Our college students have an Identity Crisis too.

We all recall universities as higher education places where young students went to be educated by bright, patriotic and experienced professors.

Today many of our universities are nothing more but a place were students are indoctrinated on Socialism by their professors.      And, many of our college students don’t even recognize that.   But,  make no mistake if students dare to disagree with their professors’ indoctrination they are immediatelly labeled as closed minded, racists or extremists.  This type of indoctrination or activism does not promote respectful or healthy intellectual dialogue and produces drastic changes on our university campuses, students’ lives and America.

The Family Policy Institute of Washington went to University of Washington to interview students on several issues on identity.    Just watch how fearful and painstaking those students are in their responses. How hard they try not to offend anyone, but just to be politically correct.  Or how diligent they try to remember or repeat the same words or sentences their professors indoctrinated them in class.        They lost their identity and freedom to speak their minds and souls.

They forgot – as many Americans – who they are!

Anyhow, those students are the future leaders who will building a new America – one without free market, or free speech, without God, but with a strict government control over them and us – a Socialist country.



Their indoctrination reminds me of the way we were indoctrinated as students in Communist Romania!

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In case you want to know and share with them how horrible that America is going to look ;

or to know about real life in a Socialist society, please read my memoir – Saving My Assassin
You will be glad you did.

American college students have an identity crisis.      They desperately need our help!

Before is too late for America, please take the time and help them in any way you can.      One day they will tragically discover the truth.       But we need to help them now.        We must save them and America.


You don’t believe me?

Please watch this video – created by the Family Policy Institute of Washington-and share with me and others your thoughts.

Would like to hear from you all.     How, when and why are you going to help them ?       Thank you.

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