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Shocking Socialism unseen chains !

Shocking  Socialism unseen chains !

Yes,  Waters’World with Fox news absolutely nailed it.

But, I am tired to see those videos!

“ The Factor” had sent Jesse Walters to New Hampshire to ask Bernie Sanders supporters about what Socialist means. They all are clueless !

Many of us who had experienced the Socialism system – including myself – find those videos offensive not hilarious!    Surely not funny or even interesting anymore.     Moreover,  frightening, discouraging or even shocking.

I have a better approach.

Yes, many of our college students are clueless about Socialism.   The Socialism unseen chains already captured them.  But, they desperately need our help!

It is time for us to act.

We all recall universities as higher education places where young students went to be educated by bright, patriotic and experienced professors.
Today many of our universities are nothing more but a place were students are indoctrinated on Socialism by their professors.      And, many of our college students don’t even recognize that.

They forgot – as many Americans – what America stands for and why we are free !

Building AMerica w:t God

The freedom they have today,  even to be clueless about Socialism or protest agains the American Capitalist system that gave them that freedom,  others all over the world would only dream about.

It is time for us to help and remind them that:

  1. this American capitalist system assures them freedom , including freedom of speech;
  2. our freedom comes from God and not from our government or big corporations supporting the government;
  3. Socialism system is nothing but “a prison land” that will take away the freedom we all enjoy now;
  4. Socialism unseen chains already captured them;
  5. those students desperately need to see the real freedom that was established by our Constitution and was and is based on Judeo – Christian values;
  6. to remain free, we  must protect our Constitution and stop dreaming about a cruel Socialist system that had proved over and over again to be “a prison land”.

Without our help, those students – the future leaders of America – will building a new America – one without free market, or free speech, without God, but with a strict government control over them and us – a Socialist country.

If you want to know how horrible that America is going to look,  please read my memoir – Saving My Assassin
You will be glad you did.

So, before is too late for America, please take the time and help them.    Shocking Socialism unseen chains already captured them !   But, one day they will tragically discover the truth about Socialism.       So, we need to help them now!        We must save them and America.

Would like to hear from you all.

How, when and why are you going to help them ?

Thank you.

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