We are losing our youngsters !

How You Can Help

As Americans we are so fortunate, successful and still so unfulfilled.

For many of us, power, money and achievement are very important goals in life.

Are we addicted to success?

Are we prisoners or masters of our success?

Seldom we ask ourselves : “What we might be losing with all this success gaining?”

The reality tells us : our youngsters !

You might had liked or hated the last week “March for our lives.”

But – The reality tells us : we are losing our youngsters !

We diligently and too often showed our youngsters the “ I can-do” spirit we grew up with.

By in contrast we wanted them to have an “easier life.” So, we lavished them with things or whatever they wanted.   Nevertheless, we kept telling them “you can accomplish anything you want.”

You see, the problem in America is us – the Helicopter Parents – not our youngsters.

In our actions we rejected for them “you can accomplish anything you want by working hard and with perseverance” – and that is not helping them.

Meanwhile, from a young age, our youngsters are over-programmed, oversterilized, and overprotected – by us, their parents!  And that reflects later in the way they see themselves, or success in life, their work life, home life or their relationships.

No wonder many of them suffer from depression or commit suicide.

Many American youngsters need to rediscover the full meaning of life, their purpose in life, what success means and requires; and how to be consistent and to achieve success.

American youngsters need a personal renaissance ; the “rebirth” or “reawakening”, more than material things from us.

We need to help them discover the true joy of life – Jesus Christ.

That in Christ they have full significance, success and a purpose enduring forever.

This way they will learn to use the skills God gave them.  That success brings not only good grades, the financial rewards, long creativity, but also the satisfaction of realizing their dreams, and their God’s purpose for life.

Then they will have the joy of being the persons God used to answer and resolve the dramatic questions of the world.

Learning is an intriguing process that teaches us to be strong, overcome obstacles, stay focus on our purpose and how to win peacefully with God’s power.

If we teach them those principles of life – and not “give them every material things they want” – in this process they will learn the thrill of discovering the undiscovered.

But some of our youngsters seldom experienced evidence of true Christian faith at home or in our society.

Many of them struggle with who they are, why they believe what they believe, and how that provides meaning and structure in their lives and relationships.

No wonder they listen to everyone or to any new ideas in high school or college that might satisfy their need for purpose, significance or success.

The great new is that – with God’s help – we can correct that.

Our lives should teach the life of Christ.

Yes – Living a Christ like life before them and the world will encourage our youngsters; will help them understand that with God no matter the pain they experienced, any loss is survivable and often uncovers the best to come.

That will open new horizons as they get stronger in Christ overcoming new challenges.

Yes – Their is hope with Christ for America – when we let Jesus Christ be the master of our success in life!

Yes – our lives should teach them the life of Christ.

If as adults we shall act as ordinary people with extraordinary assignments from God to change the world in His power –  let our light – Christ in us – burn brightly daily in our lives, actions, and teach our youngsters to do the same, then they will handle The light to the future generation.

Otherwise, we all are doomed to build a darker America without Christ and His freedom.

Believe me – I know what I am talking  about.   I had experienced a society without Christ and His Freedom.  Please read my book, my memoir  – Saving My Assassinhttps://www.amazon.com/dp/1496411838 – and You will understand, and be ready to help!

Also, ask yourself:

What are the values that give you purpose in life?

What do you want your youngsters to value?

What legacy are you leaving?

What is important to you – power, money, achievement or richness in Jesus Christ?

Your responses are your life commitments.

Leave a comment – I’d love to know how you want to help our youngsters and America!


Virginia Prodan