Who’s Controlling Your Life?

Fear or Courage ?

You control Fear – Or – Fear controls You !

Fear and Courage cannot exist together.

If you want to have a courageous and victorious life that energizes, challenges and changes the world, you have to reach beyond what is easy, comfortable or even fight against what had been done or accepted.

And, yes in this process, you will encounter fear – fear of unknown or fear of failure, etc.

Whether you let fear stop you or not is up to you.

Fear is more than an emotion.
Fear is a spirit of torment that steals your courage and the courageous life you were created to have.

But, if you push back and control your fear, you learn to take each fear as your greatest opportunity to grow.

Remember when you feel fear’s grip taking hold of you
–  Resist fear
–  Fight fear
–  Act
–  Your actions and your faith are the best antidote to fear.

Fear gets a bad rap, because we often let it take control.
Fear makes you question your purpose in life, your abilities or even your faith.   Overcoming fear requires shifting your perspective, focusing on God, knowing why you want to do something amazing or great.

That gives you confidence, inspires you and others, and pulls you forward in God’s courageous plan for your life.

Have you ever allowed fear to stop you from doing something “fearfully” amazing or great?

You surely remember that fear made you unstable, unreliable, and uncertain about everything including your God.
It made you doubt God’s love, care and His promises for your life.

Just think about – You cannot possibly believe God – Jehova Rappha – is your healer and at the same time fear that you will die today as your doctor said you have cancer.

You cannot possibly believe that God – Jehova Jireh – is your provider and at the same time fear – as you lost your job today -that you will go bankrupt or homeless for the rest of your life.

If you truly received the mind of God in Christ, your life will be free from the bondage of fear.   You will believe God and trust in His care and provisions for you.

So, your first assignment is:
–   take the time to discover your hidden fears;
–   write down each fear;
–   work at least on one fear for a month;
–   fight against it;
–   journal your victories or failures;
–   repeat the process daily or weekly.

Put your fears in God’s hands to receive His custom made solutions and even see His miracles in your life.

The reason many people struggle with fear is because they don’t know God or God’s power and His promises for their life changes.

Your second assignment is :
–  control your fear by filling your mind with God’s promises;
–  write down at least 4 of them for this week.
–  Like : Jeremiah 29:11

Remember fear lies to you – tells you the opposite of what God promised to you.
So, meditate on God’s promises.

You are called to greatness.
Your greatness will change your life and our world.
Be courageous.

If you have read my memoir Saving My Assassin  –  https://www.amazon.com/dp/1496411838 –  you know that I have been confronted daily with fear many times in my life.

But God always helped me conquer my fears.
We are precious and visible to God.
We cannot imagine how God will protect us.
As you remember from my memoir, I had been confronted daily with fears by the cruel communist dictator Ceausescu of Romania who declared himself a god; and jailed or killed many dissidents.
I was one of his dissidents, according to him.

But, my most paralyzing fear came from my assassin sent by the dictator to kill me.  A tall, massive man close to seven feet; armed towering assassin who pulled his gun and pointed at me to kill me.

I should be dead.  I felt alone with my killer.   And, I was not,  Jesus!
I realized my fear was temporary.

God protected me, gave me strength and courage.  I had seen God’s miracle, His victory and have lived to tell about it.
By the grace of God I am alive and my assassin is alive too.

For more details – read my memoir Saving My Assassin  –  https://www.amazon.com/dp/1496411838

I challenge you:
– to fight your fear with God’s help  – fear of man, fear of government, fear of your future, etc.;
– to be courageous – in order to see God’s miracles in your life too.
– to DO and accomplish what he called you to DO.

I am passionate about mentoring others – to help – conquer their fears.
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Virginia Prodan